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Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed all that is left behind is the stump. Rather than trying to pull it out or dig it out of its location, grinding the stump down below the surface tends to be the more practical means of dealing with it. Standard stump grinding depths are 12-14” below the surface. The most common reasons to remove a stump from your yard are to improve aesthetics or to re-landscape the area by replacing it with sod, a garden or a new tree.

Stump Grinders

Stump grinding is a process by which a machine grinds down a stump by using a large spinning wheel surrounded with teeth. This specialized machine is comprised of a circular blade that chips away the stump as well as parts of the root system. The stump grinder swings the spinning blade back and forth on the horizontal axis, virtually dissolving the stump as it moves forward. This wheel of teeth spins incredibly fast and tears the stump into tiny pieces. This process is effective at eliminating stumps in all sorts of locations without disrupting much of the surrounding landscape. Stump grinding has proven to be the most practical and cost effective method of removing a tree stump.


Stumps are often considered unsightly in a lawn and can take many years to finally rot away and die. By removing a stump, you open up many possibilities for your lawn and garden. Once an old stump is removed, you can plant a new tree in its place, or perhaps you’d like a food or floral garden there. You can even put sod directly on top of where the stump used to lie, just hours after its removal.


Stumps can be a home to pests such as termites, which pose a great harm to any home. Rather than having to spray a stump with dangerous chemicals, its best to have it removed so that the termites will no longer have a safe haven in your yard.

Call a Professional

Call a professional arborist to make sure that your stump grinding job is done right. Its important that a stump is removed correctly and that the old root system will no longer be active. Make sure your job is done right the first time. Call All Around Arbor for a quote today!

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