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When you need emergency tree service, look no further than our tree experts at All Around Arbor. We provide emergency tree removal and storm damage cleanup to keep your property and family safe. Our arborists will promptly asses the damage, offer you an estimate, and assist you with your insurance claim.

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Immediate Hazards

Storms, extreme weather, lightning, poor tree health, and dead trees can all create a hazardous situation where immediate emergency tree removal is needed. If you are experiencing a hazard on your property, please contact us at 503-730-3632 as soon as possible so we can assess the damage and provide you with a plan and make sure that your property is safe from further problems.
Immediate Tree Hazards include:

  • Trees that have fallen on your home or other structure
  • Trees blocking a needed driveway or road
  • Tree branches coming through your roof or windows
  • A downed tree that is leaning on another tree and may fall further
  • "Widow maker" branches are detached or broken limbs high up in a tree that can fall and injure individuals below
  • Any tree that is causing you concern could need to be removed as soon as possible

What to do when you have a tree emergency

tree fallen on fence emergency
  1. Remain calm so that you can asses the situation and make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Make sure everyone in your family and any animals are in a safe location.
  3. Call emergency services if anyone is injured.
  4. From a safe distance, get an overview of the situation so that you can describe it and consider whether the tree needs attention immediately. A tree that has fallen in your yard is less urgent than a tree that has fallen on your home and could create further damage. Remember, a fallen tree can shift or roll and cause injury or further damage, so be sure to avoid getting too close.
  5. Call an ISA certified arborist trained to assess and prevent any further damage as soon as possible. You can reach our expert arborists right away at 503-730-3632 and we will promptly asses your situation.
  6. If the tree is leaning or has fallen on a power line call your local utility provider to let them know. You can contact PGE, Pacific Power, or another provider listed on your bill. Do not go near or touch the powerline.
  7. Once it is safe to do so, take photos of the damage for your home insurance. Take note if the tree has fallen on your property line or into your neighbor's yard.
  8. Contact your insurance company to begin a claim. We will answer any questions you have about this process and guide you through.

Tree Removal Emergency
Recent Review

"We needed emergency tree service and not only were they very responsive, their crew was very professional and treated us well. No surprises or weird communication. Reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend them and will call them again for any future tree maintenance."

- Nathan Gruenwald, Google Review

We Put Safety First

We understand that it can be scary when a tree falls and are dedicated to making sure you and your property are safe. Being in business for over 10 years, we are experts at evaluating emergencies and stabilizing trees to prevent further damage. We are an ISA certified arborist, ISA certified tree worker, and ISA utility specialist so you can rest assured we have the tree work experience and expertise to evaluate immediate risk. We have invested in the highest quality, top of the line equipment to handle large and complex emergency jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Tree Services

If your roof needs repair after damage from a tree, our crew will cover all exposed area of the roof with a tarp or temporary patch to keep out rain water or other inclement weather until a professional roofer can repair your roof. 

We have invested in top of the line equipment to handle large and complex emergency jobs like those from storm damage. Storms can often cause multiple trees to fall and cause more devere damage all around your property.

In addition to fallen or uprooted trees, common storm damage to trees includes: 
  • Snapped or hanging branches
  • Fallen limbs
  • Cracks in the tree trunk or the branches
  • Shredded, stripped, or peeling bark
  • Loss of leaves
  • Broken or loose cables or bracing
  • Roots pulling out of the ground or appearing where they weren’t before
  • Leaning tree

Our arborist can remove trees or assess the health of a damaged tree and recommend the best option. 

Our trained professionals can chip the trees on-site, chop them into manageable pieces, or discuss other options if you have a use for the wood. We always leave every job site clean and tidy with all debris removed. If you live in Portland you may be required to replant another tree. We are familiar with their codes and requirements and will guide you through your decision. 

The best way to avoid an emergency tree situation is to proactively take care of your trees. That means regular trimming and pruning to remove dead or dying branches, as well as protection from pests & diseases to keep them healthy. In addition, be sure to have any trees that are leaning or appear unstable assessed by a professional arborist.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts storms or extreme weather can damage our trees. We are always available to offer emergency tree services to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Our arborists will collect all information needed for permits and guide you through the entire process for your area. 

Portland's Emergency Tree Removal Permit Process

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