Tree Permits

Tree permits ensure that all tree work is done safely and in accordance with city regulations and are necessary when doing any Tree work in Portland Metro area and Clackamas County.

Within the Portland Metro area there are many city regulations surrounding tree removals and replants varying from city to city. All Around Arbor is knowledgeable about the permit process and will handle that headache for you with no upcharge. We only charge what the city charges us.

Usually when applying for a permit we will provide the following information to the city:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The address of the property where the tree is located
  • A description of the tree work that you will be doing
  • The reason for doing the tree work
  • The date that you would like to begin the tree work
  • The estimated duration of the tree work

City tree ordinance and permit requirements:

We will guide you through the entire process but you can learn more about Tree Removal requirements in each city & county. 

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