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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the process of removing or shortening limbs on a tree. In our industry, its common that limbs will need pruning so that they don’t harm our homes. If limbs die, we remove them to help the overall health of the tree while improving the safety around the tree. Tree Pruning can also be done for pure aesthetic reasons in order to achieve a certain shape, improve symmetry, or let more light into your property. The following are a few major types of tree pruning:

Crown Cleaning / Thinning

Dead or diseased limbs should be removed to make sure that the disease does not spread to the rest of your tree, or to others in your yard or neighborhood. Removing dead/diseased limbs is beneficial for your tree as well for the individuals who frequent the areas underneath your tree. Improving tree health and safety will pay dividends in the years to come. Crown thinning is a common pruning practice to help achieve greater light penetration through the tree and into your yard. Thinning can also serve to improve safety on heavier or more accident-prone limbs or areas of the tree.

Aesthetic Pruning & Shaping

Aesthetics are a large part of tree pruning and can play a major role in how your yard and garden look. Often, shaping can improve symmetry and guide the overall habit of the tree to grow in a manner of your choosing.

Clearance Pruning

Providing adequate clearance from your tree’s branches is a necessity here living in the Pacific Northwest. Trees grow quickly here and because of this, pruning branches away from buildings, streets, etc. are all necessary parts routine pruning. Our experienced arborists will know where and how to trim your trees in order to maintain good aesthetics and tree health while achieving the desired clearance necessary.

Fruit Tree Pruning

If you have a fruit tree, pruning it can increase its yield. We’d all like more fruit from our apricot, fig, or plum trees, so careful pruning can help increase the number of shoots while controlling overall height. Discuss this with your arborist, who will know the right time and places to prune your trees so that you will have plenty of fruit for eating, canning, or making your favorite Northwest pie recipe.

We offer annual/biennial tree pruning services so your trees and grounds can stay in optimal health.

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