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Can you perform your own tree removal?

In today’s world, we can find instructions on how to do just about anything. We can use YouTube and any number of websites to learn musical instruments, languages, car repair, and knitting. Given how much we can learn online, there are probably also instructions for removing trees. However, just because you can log on and learn something new, does that always mean that you should try it yourself? This post will discuss whether or not you can perform your own tree removal, including these topics:

  • Chainsaws
  • Tree Fall Safety
  • Consulting a Professional



Operating a chainsaw is not as easy as it looks. They are heavy and when the chain starts spinning it can take on a life of its own. It should go without saying that chainsaws are also very dangerous. The tiny blades spin at an amazing speed and are capable of tearing through old-growth trees, not to mention what they can do to the human body.

Professionals have the experience and equipment to handle the task of taking down an old tree. They have multiple chainsaws and know which one should be used for a particular task. When the average homeowner approaches tree removal, he may not know where to start in the decision-making process prior to purchasing or renting a chainsaw. Please leave this task to professionals!


Tree Fall Safety

When a tree falls, it is hard to predict what will happen. There have been many tragic stories of someone getting in the way of a falling tree. These stories always include a person who thought they’d done the proper calculations for that particular tree. However, they may not have calculated the way the tree might bounce or other factors. Please leave tree removal to an expert who not only can ensure safety, but who is licensed and insured against any mishaps.


Consult a Professional

Whether or not you really need to take a tree down is a consideration that needs to be discussed with an experienced arborist. If the tree is diseased, there may be a way to treat it or to remove the affected parts without removing the entire thing. If the tree is interfering with something, there may also be solutions that don’t necessitate removal. A healthy pruning may solve the problem you have. Or, it may be that removal is the best option, after all. Discussing these matters with a licensed, experienced arborist will make sure that your landscape, and everyone involved remains as safe and healthy as possible!

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