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About Us

Mike Jolliff

Owner and Consulting Arborist

Since 2006

As the founding member of All Around Arbor, Mike has made a point from the beginning to instill strength and integrity in his team while creating the best customer service experience possible in the industry. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and over 12 years of experience in the tree care industry. He became an ISA certified arborist in 2008.   Outside of work, he enjoys playing drums and spending time with his family (and the outdoors of course).

Favorite part of working at All Around Arbor: Creating new lifelong clients and bringing great service to them. Seeing a customer truly happy with our work makes all the hard work worth it.

Craziest ‘job’ at All Around Arbor: Going to the coast in a snowstorm to assist in storm relief work.

Ryan Howe

Consulting Arborist

Since 2014

With over 17 years in landscaping and tree care, Ryan is a great addition to the team. With his strong expertise in the industry and his great customer service skills, Ryan brings a customer experience that is second to none. In his free time he enjoys doing anything active outside with his family. Ryan has been an ISA certified arborist for 11 years strong.

Favorite part of working at All Around Arbor: Interacting with customers and working with the crews to deliver the best service possible.

Craziest ‘job’ at All Around Arbor: Volunteering as an Assisting Arborist for the Laurelhurst Tree Inventory Project through Portland Parks and Recreation and observing how awesome it was to see people so interested in the trees around them.

Forrest Johnson


Since 2009

Forrest started as a groundsman in 2009 and quickly took interest in climbing. After apprenticing a senior climber for about 2 years, he became a lead climber. Forrest’s superior knowledge in the tree along with his great people skills make him a strong leader and asset to the company. Before he was an arborist, he was the assistant operations manager for the Lake Oswego Corporation. In his spare time, he plays the guitar and the piano, and also loves camping and the outdoors.

Favorite part of working at All Around Arbor: Forrest loves that no two days are ever the same, and that there are challenges around every corner.

Craziest ‘job’ at All Around Arbor: “Too many to count!” Any large dead tree is crazy in Forrest’s book, and he has done plenty of them.

Kyle Berreth

Lead Climber

Since 2010

Kyle started off working as a groundsman and quickly created a reputation for being an incredibly hard worker. After apprenticing a senior climber for a couple years, Kyle transitioned his strong work ethic into the climbing forum.   Even today he continues to raise the bar with every job he does.   Aside from work, Kyle is an avid hunter, fisherman and enjoys just about any outdoor activity.

Favorite part of working at All Around Arbor: “Every day is a new scene and a new job with new challenges.   It definitely keeps things interesting!”

Craziest ‘job’ at All Around Arbor: A large job in Vancouver, WA where 9 big Douglas firs needed removal to make room for a construction project. Every tree had to be climbed and every branch had to be rigged down given the tight working space in the customer’s backyard. It was raining tremendous amounts, which made the job even harder than it already was. The job ended up getting completed in one day after filling the truck four times and working 11 straight hours. What a day!

Denon Marchman


Since 2009

Denon started working as a groundsman and quickly became noticed by his hard work and prior sawyer skills. He became a master of ground operations and has recently taken up working as a climber full time.   Denon’s upbeat attitude and fun-loving attitude make him a breeze to work with. Denon was a Class B tree feller and squad boss on a wildland fire fighting crew for six years prior to coming to All Around Arbor. For hobbies, Denon likes photography and making music.

Favorite part of working at All Around Arbor: The people he gets to meet and returning to trees he has worked on in the past. He sees the work as a living canvas he gets to come back to and keep painting over the years.

Craziest ‘job’ at All Around Arbor: “Hanging from a tree high off the ground is always a little crazy!”

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